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LPGA - USGA Girls Golf

Girls Ages 6 - 16

Join Us For The FUN!!

The LPGA - USGA Girls Golf of West Palm Beach was formed specifically to create a network for girls to learn to play golf, build friendships, and sample competition in a non-threatening environment.  It is a partnership program between the LPGA and the United States Golf Association.

The LPGA - USGA Girls Golf Mission is to attract as many girls into the game of golf as possible and in doing so, hope that participants will develop a life-long interest in the game!

LPGA - USGA Girls Golf of West Palm Beach offers weekly classes conducted by LPGA  Master Professional, Nancy Stuart.  The golf classes include instruction on all aspects of the game: Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Iron Shots, Wood Shots, Bunker Play, Specialty Shots, USGA Rules of Golf, How to Play the Game of Golf, How to Compete, AND most importantly how to ENJOY the Game of GOLF with your friends & family!

      Participant Registration



        The Next 8-Week Sessions Begins 


Please fill out the forms and take them to the golf shop with your credit card payment of $150.00 / 8-Week Session  

Steps to Register:

    1.  Click on Link below Form, print the form, and fill out bottom portion of  the Junior Programming Registration Form 

  2.  Fill out Annual General Liability Waiver Form and Covid-19 Forms (Find Forms under "Junior Lessons & Rates” Tab on top right of this page)

   3.  Make credit or debit card payment in the golf shop at John Prince Golf Learning Center

**Print ALL (3)of  the LIABILITY WAIVERS and  JUNIOR PROGRAMMING FORMS, fill them out, and bring them with you when making your payment in the golf shop

   4.  Either Scan the QR Code or Click on the Link Below for an annual  Registration with the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf to receive your official goody bag  from Headquarters! 





Merry Christmas from Peanut Man!

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                    First Place Winners

                   Congratulations to:

                   Flora, Hana, Olivia



                   Congratulations to:

                Flora, Olivia, Savanna


                   Congratulations to:

                Savanna, Olivia, Skyler


                   Congratulations to:



                   Congratulations to:

 Division 1 Winner: Emma

Division 2 Winner: Gabby


Congratulations to 


 Division 1 Winner: Emma

 Division 2 Winner:



Congratulations to 


Winning Team of

Isabella S & Camryn


Congratulations to

Winning Teams of

Olive/Isabella B/Isabella M


  1st Place Winners!  


          Congratulations to 

            Winning Team of

 Isabella M/Aaliyah/Isabella B/Nell

            1st Place Winners!


          Congratulations to 

    Addison and Peyton/Nell

            1st Place Winners! 

Come Join The FUN!!

Congratulations to Isabella Martinez,  Christiana Tittle, Katherine Hill First Place  Winners of the 6-16 Year Olds in The First Tee LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Championship S-11/16/19!


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                      First Place Winner

                   Congratulations to:


.6                             S-1/28/23

.6                     First Place Winners

.6                    Congratulations to:

.6            Coaches John & Juan: Team 2

.6     Holden, Scottie, Olivia, Savana, Ariana


                      First Place Winner

                   Congratulations to: