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My name is Nancy Stuart and I want to welcome you into my world so you can get a look at who I am and how I can be of service to you.

My hometown is Glenview, Illinois which is about 20 miles NW of Chicago.  It’s cold up there! 

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After receiving my Associate in Arts degree, I studied golf for the next 3 years, under a local Golf Professional, and we took my golf game from a 15-handicap to a 0-handicap. 

Let the games begin!  My Professional career launched. 

allow me to coach and guide you through this “Questioning & Answering”  educational model that takes you and your golf game where you want to go!

Call or email me and we’ll get you started having some FUN with your golf game today!!

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My job, as  your golf Coach, is to educate you through implementing  the laws of physics in relation to the golf swing .

I have created a golf instruction model, based on the Socratic Method, that will walk you through a simple, yet very effective, step-by-step process of questioning & answering which will allow you to  fully understand how to apply the answers and take your golf game to the next level of success.

In a matter of minutes you will become your own best teacher.

My Experience...

For the past 20+ years I have been playing, studying, and teaching this great game of golf.

My students are all ages and skill levels ranging from the complete beginning golfer to the Touring Professional.

All my years of knowledge, education and training as a Golf Professional & Developmental Performance Coach,

- Socrates  -

My Philosophy...

Have you ever tried to hit the golf ball to

the right and have it end up to the left of your target?

Did you try to fix it only to end up farther to the left? 

Did you ever wonder if it was just a “hit and hope thing?”

Question for you...What happens when you ask a question?  That is right, your brain actively engages in search of a possible solution. 

My goal for you is to eliminate the need for me as your golf Coach! 

When I have educated you properly you will become your own best teacher and acquire the empowerment and self-reliance allowing you to achieve ALL  the SUCCESS you have been searching for!

The professional events I have played in were on the various mini-tours, one LPGA Event, several Long Drive competitions and I placed 5th in the 2000 Re-Max World Long Drive Championship Finals out of 900 participants with my longest drive at

273 yards. Shortly thereafter, my coach and I discovered the “Missing Ingredient” that now has my longest drive to date right at 330 yards.

As an Educator, Author, and Developmental Performance Coach I am very intent on taking you and your golf game to the

TOP of the Leaderboard!

Locally you can find me as an

LPGA Master Professional in the Palm Beaches, FL.

Professional tournament golf is very costly and I decided I may need a back up plan should tournament golf not work out. 

So... back to  school, and I went on to receive my B.S. in Business, majoring in Marketing.

After graduating High School, I came

to Florida to  play golf  year-round, study architecture, enjoy the ocean,  warm weather, and the sunshine!

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