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“I’ve been an avid golfer for 42 years.  At one time, I was a PGA Player Manager and played social rounds with some of the top professionals in golf. I'm still very connected to the game and continue to work with world renowned golfing legends. That said, all these years, I've been a "hitter" rather than a "swinger."  You can probably relate to this; some rounds I'd be in perfect sync and shoot in the 70s no problem and the next day, be lucky to break 90!  Makes you want to take up bowling!  Why do we play the game?  It should be fun, enjoyable and with the thrill of hitting great shots. 

Recently I met Nancy Stuart at Osprey Point Golf Course and she invited me to simply observe one of her classes.  I watched with real interest as she took beginners and had them actually striking the ball well and putting like they've played for years. I was amazed!  I subsequently purchased her book, How To Learn GOLF Your Way.  I also subscribed to her free tips on her website.  With just a few very easy adjustments, I started making great golf swings and hitting the ball straight and with authority.  She explains her lessons with simplicity and clarity and makes it so easy to learn and own. 

Nancy has de-mystified the golf swing for me. The beauty to her method is that it's consistent throughout the game, from the full swing to putting and chipping.  I've never recommended a golf teacher before, but I am now and with great enthusiasm.  I give her my full endorsement.  If you love golf as I do, you owe it to yourself to buy her book and even take lessons. Golf is a whole lot more fun from the fairways and I promise, your handicap will drop.” 

Norman Ratner, Boca Raton, Florida

“I would like to start out by telling everyone that I am fairly new to the game of golf.  I was consistently posting scores in the 105-108 ranges per round.  While at the Driving Range, I ran into Nancy, as she was finishing up one of her teaching clinics.  Even though I did not attend her clinic, she was nice enough to take a look at my swing.  After 10 minutes of instruction, I was hitting the ball more consistently and accurately than I ever have.  Feeling good, I went straight to the golf course and shot an 88!  Thank you, Nancy.   By the can bet I will be at your next clinic.” 

John O’Keefe, Pembroke Pines, Florida

“Prior to reading this book, I was a 14 handicap.  In less than two months I have dropped down to a 10 handicap.  This book is extremely beneficial in helping me understand the basic fundamentals of my swing.  This enables me to hit more fairways and greens.”

Gail Olsen, Boca Raton, Florida

“If you have wondered whether golf is more art than science, more about rhythm and timing than physical strength, more about self-discovery than conflicting advice from fellow travelers, then this book is for you.  “How to Learn Golf Your Way” will change your life.  This gifted LPGA Professional has prepared a road map for your adventure.  Enjoy!” 

Dr. Jo Henry, Educator and Author, Boca Raton, Florida

“I’ve taken lessons from very big people in the golf world and I’ve been struggling for the past 7 years.  With what you told me in the 20 minutes I talked with you I was able to take it to the golf course for 9 holes and finally understand the swing.  Under pressure, I have always been low and left and from there it has been a downward spiral.  I now have the swing I need to compete under pressure.” 

Mike Williams, Touring Professional, Boca Raton, Florida

Testimonials - What Everybody Is Talking About...

“I have been golfing for close to 20 years and have

had over 20 lessons. I have never had a consistent

swing. The best score I had ever had was a one-time 79 at Okaheelee golf course. For the most part I usually shoot anywhere from 88 to 98.

I practice almost every day for chipping and full swing shots. I never really know what swing I will have from day to day on the range or the course. I have a golf partner name John who shoots about the same game as I do and we go back and forth with wins.

I met Nancy about 4 years ago at Ocean Breeze golf club. She always has a smile on her face so it was easy to start a conversation with her. It was mostly a hi and by friendship until about eight months ago. We started

talking about golf and computers (I am an IT consultant).

I decided to have her help me with my golf swing in exchange for helping her with computers. I was very skeptical due to all of the lessons I have had.

She gave me her book and a one hour lesson. Right off the bat the movement she had me doing helped

my chipping right away. After 2 months of sticking to it

I have gained 35 yards on drives and more consistent iron shots too. I have not shot over 90 in months

( I play every week) and have shot under 80 - 3 times.

John never beats me anymore by the way. 

I basically know what shot I’m playing every time I go out. I practice less and have more confidence in my swing. If I shoot in the upper 80s its cause I’m not putting well (maybe next lesson).

So thank you Nancy for what you have done to my swing”.

Chadam Stroempl,  Owner/CEO,

CJS Communications, Boca Raton, FL