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Want To Put An End To The FRUSTRATION?

How many times have you

taken a golf lesson and hit the golf ball like the next “Superstar” only to have it all vanish the very next day?

If this describes your frustration in learning and implementing new techniques into your golf game then read on...

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The days of relying on the “Next Golf Guru” for all your answers are long gone.  You now hold ALL the nuggets of wisdom in your hands with  “How to Learn GOLF Your Way”.

Let’s Have Some FUN!!

This golf instruction book will teach you how to use logic and reason, through questioning and answering, to rapidly begin transforming  your golf game.

Through this “Questioning & Answering” teaching model you WILL become your own best teacher!

R”How to Learn Golf Your Way”

works like this...

You read the THEORY

You do the DRILLS

You fill in the EXERCISES based on

what you read and did in the Theory & Drills

Then you find THE ANSWERS

in complete detail in the 19th Hole!

(the back of the book)


About the Book: